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Review : Eliana Margarita (Ekvador)

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Eliana Margarita from Ekvador - Eylül 28, 2017 Stay : 3 weeks - Course start : Ağustos 2017 Course : Accommodation : Student residence
Summary of your stay

I liked the dynamic of the course. The student residence was not very helpful if you arrive outside reception hours. The classrooms in school should be cleaned, sometimes the floor was dirty. The prices for the activities are too high!
My stay was great, but too much homework.

Our response

Dear Eliana

Thank you for your feedback. We like to clarify some points:

We give each day homework so that student train the subjects of the day. Homework is around 30 minutes per day, we believe this is not too much.

Our activities are self cost prices, so we organise this literally free of charge. If you compare what for example local tour operators or the tourist office ask for the same kind of excursion, you will see that our prices are much cheaper.

Our classrooms get cleaned twice a day, early mornings at 07:30 am before students arrive and than at 12:30 after the morning course. We do not have any other students complaining about this, so this comment is a bit surprising for us.

We are happy you enjoyed most parts of your stay.

Kind regards

ILA Team